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Breeding Contract

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Transported Semen Breeding Contract

1. This breeding contract is made between Seth L. Paulson, stallion owner, of 8606 N. 300th St., Valley, NE, U.S.A. 68064, hereinafter referred to as owner; and mare owner, ____________________________________ , whose address, state, and zip code is ___________________________ ____________________________ hereinafter referred to as buyer, for the purchase of ________ breeding(s) to the purebred, registered Arabian horse stallion Kilogramm SPA, registration number 0528559, at the fee of $1,500.00 dollars, U.S. Currency per breeding for the year 20__, due and payable in advance of semen shipment.

2. Owner agrees to provide fresh, cooled semen from the above-described stallion to buyer or buyer's designated agent by overnight shipment by Federal Express at buyer's expense for the artificial insemination of ____ designated mare(s) named:

____________________________________________ with registration number______________ . The address to which buyer designates semen will be shipped is:


3. Stallion owner agrees to make one semen shipment to buyer inclusive with the stud fee. Buyer agrees to pre-pay $150.00 per semen-collection per shipment to designated destination on all subsequent semen shipments until mare conceives, should the initial shipment not result in a pregnancy determined by ultrasound. Buyer agrees to provide owner a $250.00 security deposit on the shipping container prior to shipping, such deposit refundable upon the return of the shipping container to owner and confirmation of viable pregnancy in mare. Buyer or buyer's agent agrees to promptly return shipping container to owner within 24 hours after it's receipt at buyer's expense. Buyer also agrees to pay for import permits, duty, and tax on International shipments. If shipment must be sent by Same-day Air Freight, buyer agrees to an additional $50.00 fee for delivery of semen by owner to airport.

4. Owner guarantees a live foal from the mating of stallion and designated mare, meaning that the resulting foal must stand, nurse, and live for 72 hours after birth. Live foal guarantee does not guarantee conception by the mare on any given shipment and insemination of semen. If the initial and subsequent shipments of semen do not result in conception of the mare, buyer may carry-over the breeding to the subsequent year or substitute another mare as the designated mare for breeding. In the event of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or newborn foal death, buyer agrees to provide owner a statement by a certified veterinarian as to the fact within 30 days of occurrence.

5. Buyer agrees to provide at least 24 hours advance notice to time of collection on requests for semen shipment. On requests of less time, owner will fill requests on a "best effort" basis and will not be held responsible for resulting time of shipment.

6. Owner specifies that stallion is an Arabian Horse Association Sweepstakes Nominated Stallion, and has been tested SCID clear.

7. Buyer agrees to hold owner harmless with respect to any damages suffered with respect to this Breeding Contract from disease, accident, injury or death due to pregnancy, birthing or for any other cause with respect to designated mare. Any legal proceedings arising from this contract are agreed to be brought before the court of Douglas County, Nebraska, U.S.A., and the laws of the State of Nebraska will govern.

Agreed to this _________ day of ______________, 201__ .


Seth L. Paulson, Stallion owner


Name of Mare owner, Buyer, (Please Print)


Signature of Mare Owner, Buyer

8606 N. 300th St., Valley, Nebraska 68064, Tel. 402-359-5560,