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Seth Paulson Arabian Horses

Welcome to Seth Paulson Arabian Horses
Quality Breeding Stock since 1988

Seth Paulson with stallion Psyche Taki SPA, circa. 2006

Thank you for choosing to visit my website. Here you will see the results of 28 years of breeding Arabian horses. It has been my passion and joy over that period of time. Now, a new era has begun for me, as I transition into a new phase of my life, and I part with my dear babies. Every horse you see here as been raised from a foal on my ranch, and they are like my children. I sincerely hope that they can all find wonderful homes with excellent care and loving families. Please consider them for your own.  

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The Seth Paulson Arabian Horses facilty

The Paulson Farm has been at it's current location since 1952, making 2016 our 64th year in Nebraska agriculture. Located in the fertile Platte River valley of eastern Nebraska, Seth Paulson Arabian Horses has been producing Arabian riding and breeding stock since 1988, and is the fourth generation of livestock agriculture in Nebraska. 
The breeding goal of Seth Paulson Arabian Horses is to produce sound minded, trainable athletes who epitomize exotic type of the Arabian ideal. A foundation of mares based in Crabett, Polish, and Russian bloodlines is used to establish exotic type, to which outstanding stallions that fill those mares' needs are matched. Discerning what any particular mare requires to improve her offspring and the stallion appropriate to do the job is the demanding role of the Breeder. Seth Paulson Arabian Horses strives to perfect those matings.

Stallions Offered  for Sale or Stud

Paragon SPA, 2006 Bay Stallion
(*Parys El Jamaal x Chosen One [Well Chosen])

Psyche Taki SPA, 1998 Chestnut Stallion

(Psychefire [Padrons Psyche] x Abdullana [*Abdullahhh])


Nirvana SPA (Pervader [Paavo]x Nadjaa [*Nugad])
Rodania SPA ( Pervader SPA [Paavo] x Juliet SPA [*Namet])
Newsong SPA (Psyche Taki [Psychefire] xNirvana SPA[Pervader])
Psychette SPA (Psyches Padron [Padrons Psyche]x Juliet SPA)

Breeding Program
At Seth Paulson Arabians you will find Classic Arabian horses with presence, beauty, and athleticism. The breeding program has blended the athleticsm of Russian-bred, Polish-bred, and Crabbett-bred lines to create horses with more beautiful heads, good minds and outstanding comformation that perform in multiple disciplines. All of the horses shown here are currently available to purchase. 

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Kilogramm SPA by Monogramm ex. *Kilifa, bred and raised at Seth Paulson Arabian Horses.

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